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Fundamental Analysis

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About Course

16 chapters

Fundamental Analysis (FA) is a holistic approach to study a business. This module will help you understand Equity research, read financial statements, annual reports, calculation of Financial Ratio, Analysis and most importantly evaluate the intrinsic value of a stock to find long-term investing opportunities.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
The chapter lays a foundation to Fundamental Analysis, which is a holistic approach to study and analyze a business. A fundamental perspective is important because the stock prices of a fundamentally ..

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

2. Mindset of an Investor
A insightful look at the basics of Fundamental Analysis and how it can be broken down to Qualitative and Quantitative factors to study the intrinsic value of the stock. Also includes a precise underst ..

3. How to Read the Annual Report of a Company
The chapter lays a foundation for understanding the basic structure of a typical annual report. It takes you through the various sections and helps you understand what to look for when glancing throug ..

4. Understanding the P&L Statement (Part 1)
The chapter discusses the overall content and format of the Profit and Loss Statement. In this chapter we specifically look into the revenue side of the profit and loss statement in detail by looking ..

5. Understanding P&L Statement (Part 2)
The chapter explains the expense side of the Profit and Loss statement, its structure and content by looking into the annual report of a listed company. The accompanying notes/schedules are also analy ..

6. Understanding Balance Sheet Statement (Part 1)
The chapter discusses information about the typical structure of the Balance Sheet. In this chapter, we specifically looked into the liability side of the Balance Sheet ..

7. Understanding the Balance Sheet Statement (Part 2)
Continuing from the previous chapter, this chapter explains the concept of assets side of a typical Balance Sheet. ..

8. The Cash Flow statement
The chapter discusses an outline on the key components of the cash flow statement, and their analysis. Also describes the connection between the Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement and Cash flow ..

9. The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 1)
In this three part series we discussed the analysis of financial statements through financial ratios. In this chapter we looked at the profitability ratios which indicates the profitability of the com ..

10. The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 2)
In the 2nd part of the series, we learn about the various Leverage ratios which help us study the company’s debt with respect to the company’s ability to service the debt. We also look into key op ..

11. The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 3)
In this concluding chapter, we look at the valuation ratios such as Price to sales, Price to Book, Price to earnings and their attractiveness from an investment perspective. ..

12. The Investment Due Diligence
The chapter deals with understanding the basic steps required when it comes to conducting an investment due diligence. The chapter discusses ‘Moats’ which is a very crucial aspect when it comes to ..

13. Equity Research (Part 1)
The chapter discusses how a Limited Resource Equity Research can be performed by a layman. A basic but powerful checklist is introduced which helps in filtering investment grade companies form a large ..

14. DCF Primer
This chapter deals with the understanding of the concept of the Time value of money and how the DCF model can be used to estimate the price of a stock. The DCF analysis helps us to arrive at the prese ..

15. Equity Research (Part 2)
Understand and interpret the concept of free cash flow. A study of the calculation of the per share price using free cash flow and the total net present value of a stock. ..

16. The Finale
An understanding of the drawbacks of the DCF Analysis and also a look at the concept of Margin of Safety. Some insights into managing and rebalancing of your stock portfolio ..

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1 year ago
I found the course to be very informative and engaging. It gave me a solid foundation in stock market trading and I feel much more confident now in my ability to make informed investment decisions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about trading in the stock market.